About Gerald

Hi! I’m Gerald Versluis, a software developer from the Netherlands. Besides just writing code, I also try to share my knowledge through my blog, YouTube channel, public speaking and writing books and articles. Because of all these activities for the community, Microsoft awarded me with the Microsoft MVP award.

Right now I’m mainly focussing on creating apps, especially by the means of Xamarin and everything that has to do with it. But an app is not complete without a proper backend, right? So, I’m not afraid of some ASP.NET (Core) or other web applications. I also like to tinker around with all kinds of other things, like: continuous delivery and continuous integration, everything Azure,


My ‘official’ biography text and image is underneath. If I have an upcoming speaking engagement at your event, please feel free to use it.

Biography picture
Biography picture

Gerald Versluis is a all-round software developer and Microsoft MVP from Holland. After years of experience working with Xamarin, Azure and .NET technologies, he have been involved in a number of different projects and realised several apps.

Not only do I like to code, but I am also passionate about spreading my knowledge – as well as gaining some in the bargain. I involve myself in speaking, providing training sessions and writing blogs (https://blog.verslu.is) or articles in my free time.